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Many, if not most of the mobile homes that we wash in the city of Santa Cruz usually have a fairly good sized deck off the side or the back of the mobile home itself.  If the deck is not covered by a metal awning, or part of a carport, it’s a wise idea to keep up on the maintenance.  It might just turn into the best room in the house.  Here’s a before and after look at a 200 s/f deck off the back of a mobile home on the west side of Santa Cruz.  Biowash Natural Deck Oil.  (Natural Tone)  Late Summer 2009..



Alimur Mobile Home Park.

img_1041.JPG img_1059.JPG img_1043.JPG img_1058.JPG

img_0541.JPG You get the idea! Mobile homes get pretty filthy..especially within the carport area which acts as a trap for debris and car exhaust.  A typical double-wide MH will cost between $150-$250 to clean……………..