1.  Can I get a FREE estimate? You most certainly can.  During a lucky day, it might even be within 30 minutes.  In most cases, someone should be able to come out to your home or business within 1-2 business days.  Rarely does it take longer than that, although there will be exceptions.  Thank you for understanding.

2.  Where are you located? I live and breathe in Santa Cruz.  My shop is in Live Oak.  75% of all services performed take place in the county of Santa Cruz, with the remaining 25% in the Lake Tahoe, Los Gatos/Campbell/ and Monterey areas.

3.  How long have you been in business? My fist paid job was on June 9, 2001.  In February 2018, we completed our 1000th job.  Still truckin’..

4. What is your availability? It will always and forever depend on the time of year.  Two weeks of lead time during the hectic summer months is pretty accurate.  In many cases, and regardless of the time of year, small driveway and patio jobs can be performed with limited or no lead time.

5. Do you use soaps or cleaning solutions when you clean? Gallons Per Minute is a much better cleaning agent than is soap. Although there will always be an exception to any rule, the fact remains that just about all our outdoor cleaning requires just cold water.

6. Do you “steam clean” exhaust systems in commercial kitchens? No.

7. Can I save money with an annual agreement? We can definitely work something out.  Most all annual arrangements involve deck maintenance and/or gutter cleaning maintenance.  If you are the type that wants your home or driveway or bricks washed every year and believe that it warrants a discounted rate…just ask. 🙂

8.  I hear that pressure washing a deck can be very damaging to the wood.  Is that true? YES!!! Don’t let your husband or gardener or handy dude attempt to ruin the deck with his $399 pressure washer from Sears.  Technique(s) aside, there is ONLY one right way to wash wood boards.  

9.  Can you remove dirty engine oil and/or transmission fluids from concrete driveways? Unfortunately I can NOT make them entirely go away.  I can scour the area with a Bio-Degradable solvent and then hit it with 3500 PSI and the darkened oil area will definitely get much lighter.  I am sure there are those out there that have crazy experience with various acids/solvents and the like that might very well do a better job than me.  Sometimes concrete contractors have ideas and ways to get it done.  I usually pass the buck on these jobs.

10.  Do you use hot water? Only when the job is big enough in which case I rent a reliable one for the day or the week or however long the job.  Hot water definitely does have its merit.  Anything oil or grease related is going to be removed better with the use of hot water.  For the same reason one would wash his/her dirty hands with soap and warm water applies with dirty engine oil on concrete.  We use hot water machines to remove gum in front of school cafeterias and various retail outlets etc.  Any company that tells you that they are superior because they use hot water to clean driveways or decks or homes is pulling your leg.  If I needed a hot water machine to clean what I clean, then I’d have one.  98% of my work is handled perfectly with just plain old tap water.  Capice?

11.  Do you sell pressure washers? No.

12.  Will you remove paint from the house when you wash it? Not unless you want me to.  Paint that is already peeling and ready to come up will most certainly come up with limited pressure.  If the paint isn’t peeling, then there is nothing to worry about.  It is typically the wood sided homes with lower grade paint that may run into some removal.  Stucco homes never have a problem.  New paint(less than 7 years) is never a problem.  Old paint on “rough cut” vertical slat siding that is exposed to a ton of sun may lose some of its sunscreen.  I think you see my point..

13.  Are you really the greatest ever?  References Furnished Upon Request