New Construction Midtown

Santa Cruz County Deck and Wood Shingle Maintenance

This is a new deck. Nine months old to be exact. As recommended, the homeowner waited some time for the boards to properly dry, oxidize, do their thing. The picture in the middle and on the right are unique in that they show a finished tone up against a strip of clean wet boards. Not soaking wet boards, rather boards that were once wet with water but are now drying a bit and heading towards damp. Damp (clean) boards are a tone that many homeowners are fond of. In other words, “I like how the deck looks when it’s wet,” said the homeowner. The picture on the left is a bit more of a close-up. You can see the finished portion in the upper right of the picture, and you can also see a finished board in the middle that is beading water. The other boards are at various stages of being wet/damp.