Our Kind of Canvas

This one got underway mid April. These beauties can be rare in Santa Cruz County. The only information Happy Homeowner should know is that it will always prove to be a smart decision to take the wood maintenance route, especially if the wood siding on the house is built with good old fashioned wood from the good old days. The alternatives can range from not doing anything about it(lame) to an extra costly, complete replacement job(stupid) to I would suppose a paint or solid stain job.(nightmare).

It just needs to be loved up. And it needs to be loved up right. In the case of this beautiful wood sided house on the upper westside of Santa Cruz CA, a proper cold water wash followed by a high end, water based material.

References furnished upon Request.

  • Exterior Wood Staining
  • Wood Siding Maintenance, Shingle Maintenance
  • Santa Cruz, Aptos, Scotts Valley