Here are some different looks at various times of the day for a couple different wood decks.  Have a look…..

1. img_0106.JPG 2. img_0108.JPG

3.img_0117.JPG 4. img_0119.JPG

The first pic demonstrates dirty boards on the left vs. clean boards on the right.  It’s important to note that in both cases, the boards are wet.  Which side looks dangerously slippery to you?? The second pic demonstrates dry, clean boards on the left side vs. freshly stained boards on the right. As you can tell,  clean boards that are wet(pic 1)and clean boards that have dried(pic 2) look completely different.  It’s also important to note that Transparent Stain goes on dark until it has had a chance to dry, at which time it takes on a much lighter, more natural look.  [segway]

Pics 3 and 4 have been posted to show a color that is pretty “typical” after stained boards have had a chance to dry.  This 10 yr. old deck in Santa Cruz, CA gets plenty of afternoon sun and plenty of fog as well. Sweet.