Roof Cleaning (of the steep sort)

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Most homeowners think their steep pitched roof that is covered in moss can’t be properly cleaned and restored.  Have a look.

lichen \’li-ken\ n 1: any numerous complex thallophytic plants made up of an alga and a fungus growing in symbiotic association on a solid surface(as a rock)

1. Not only does this roof look bad to the human eye, these particular homeowners in La Selva Beach were told that they had to have it professionally cleaned or they couldn’t renew their existing insurance policy.  2. Here’s an up close look.  It was pretty bad.  3. Because the roof was too steep to physically walk on, we used a boom lift to accurately and carefully handle the project.  4. The key here is to position the operator directly over the shingles so that a downward, properly angled spray can clean the shingles without raising or loosening any of them.  5. Madison ducks for cover.  6. Half way there.  7. Done.  8.One big pile of funk. ..And YES we’ll clean up the mess.