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Tread Lightly

Metal roofs should be washed every year. The dirty film you can see from the picture is what makes this roof almost too slippery to walk on when wet. After that slippery film is removed, albeit still potentially treacherous for the amateur roof walker, it is considerably safer.

Los Gatos Saratoga Aptos Soquel Santa Cruz Truckee

This is a detached carport roof in the Soquel Hills.  Don’t let this happen to you!


20 y/o Wood Shingles

img_0490.JPG     img_0489.JPG     img_0488.JPG     img_0487.JPG     img_0494.JPG     img_0496.JPG

If a picture is worth 1000 words, these six pics speak volumes!!


Here’s a pretty accurate before and after shot from a roof we recently cleaned in Soquel, CA(just off Old San Jose Hwy.)  I was told this home is 1900 sq/ft.  The cost to clean a second story roof like this one, including ground cleanup, is in the vicinity of $500.  Call today for a FREE estimate.

Roof Cleaning

I always liked this photo.  It probably means more to me than it can ever mean to you.  We do the roof and gutters on this custom home each and every year in early spring.  Each and every year when we drive up to this home, the roof always looks fairly clean.  Until of course it gets cleaned.

Santa Cruz California

2009 Photo

We clean a lot of roofs like this one. In most cases, the client calls and says that their homeowners insurance company won’t renew the policy until the roof gets cleaned off. I believe it is a fire hazard among other things.

This particular tile roof located off Felton Empire in Felton, CA was about as bad as I’ve ever seen. It was almost as if a landscape company came out and layed sod on this roof.

Pretty Ugly Indeed!

1800 PSI on this three year old flat to semi-pitched roof in Santa Cruz. This one story beach style home is situated beneath Eucalyptus trees. There are no gutters on this home…just spouts. The spouts(and there are several) begin as small holes within the “rubberized” roofing material itself. Most flat style homes use this design. Typically they are useless because if the roof is flat…..well then it’s flat. Water won’t run uphill and it won’t run without a hill. I know the roofing material companies these days claim these roofing materials are designed and built to hold standing water and debris etc.. I don’t doubt that whatsoever.. But what about the odor and infestation that begins to occur during that water and debris gathering process that, if left too long, can gag a maggot? Huh Mr. Roof Salesman?? Bottom Line..Do yourself and your neighbors a favor and keep it clean, or have someone keep it clean for you. We’ll leave a light on for you..

1. img_0125.JPG 2. img_0185.JPG 3. img_0128.JPG 4. img_0135.JPG

5. img_0145.JPG 6. img_0181.JPG 7. img_0224.JPG 8. img_0219.JPG

Most homeowners think their steep pitched roof that is covered in moss can’t be properly cleaned and restored.  Have a look.

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