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What a difference a day makes!!

Shingle Maintenance Professionals

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Experienced Wood Restoration

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A mix n’ Match. Old Cedar Siding

Stormy Santa Cruz


No project too big or too small, except this one…

This was a complete home and garage makeover.  Because of the extreme temperatures that Lake Tahoe affords all the wood-sided homes in the area, we applied a genuine double coat of Extreme: A water based semi-transparent stain by the Defy Company.  To get the transparent green, we mixed three parts XYZ and then two parts TNT and then one final part ABC  We can’t give away our secrets.

img_2206Truckee California
A June 2016 project in Glenshire



West Side, Santa Cruz CA. A delicate house washing job such as this one is no time to be experimenting with a fly by night pressure washing company.  We are a Santa Cruz based full-service pressure washing company.

If your wood siding isn’t repelling water like this….it’s time that it should!!

..I just rearrange their living situation.

House Washing

We wash a lot of homes in Santa Cruz County! Three stories cost more than two stories which cost more than 900 s/f beach houses. Whatever the size or the square footage, having the exterior of your home carefully washed is a wonderful way to go.

I just can’t say enough about this quality material..and I know just the guy that applies it better than anyone else around; Whether it’s wood siding or a wood deck such as these June 07′ projects, Biowash Natural Deck Oil never ceases to amaze!! Who’s next??

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