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Spring 2019

Testing new tones


Truckee Love

IMG_4705   IMG_4834   IMG_4637












Everywhere in this town.  On your street, on my street, on his useless fence, on her decrepit barn.  Keep your eye open.  It’s worth it’s weight wait in wood.

Once New

Somewhere in Santa Cruz


IMG_3476 IMG_3481

Golf Course @ Pasatiempo, Spring 2017, 11am

A very common initial conversation that takes place between myself and the potential client is a conversation regarding terminology.  Terminology regarding “care” for outdoor wood.  That would be shingles, siding, arbors, fences, decks, and the like.  We typically differentiate between what it means to seal a deck vs. to stain a deck.  We talk about sanding a deck vs. preparing a deck.

If you have questions regarding outdoor wood maintenance in and around your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  One mistake is likely to cost you.  If you get persuaded into using a cheap sealant or perhaps a solid stain, when in fact you were after a natural transparent stain, it could be a mistake that lasts a long, long time.

15+ years experience doing business in Santa Cruz

References Galore


It Wasn’t Us!!

Tone it Down

Often times, if not every time, I get asked what color is the wood board, or shingle going to be once it is washed and stained.  The answer varies.  Every board is different.  Every deck is different.  Every circumstance is different.

Here is a random example of a wood deck in Aptos California.  The boards on the left side of the picture are cleaned and still wet.  The boards on the right are stained with a mixture of natural brown tones.  Tones are almost impossible to describe.  Beading water isn’t.


Some Where


This is Redwood Tone on 18 month old boards.  Upper Westside of Santa Cruz.  This was one section of eleven.



2/3 finished

Santa Cruz, CA

100 foot, 4500lb test

David: Why didn’t you roll that hose up at your job?

Me: I was grizzled.

David: What does that mean?

Me: It means I was too tired, cold, and cranky.

David: Oh.  When are you going to roll it up?

Me: I don’t know.  You think you can help me out?

David: Yes

Me: You think so huh?

David: Yes

Me: Ok hold on, let me get my camera

David: Why do you need to get your camera?

Me: Oh, just because…

Work as hard as I did on the 4th of July for this beautiful 82 year old lady, and you too can have a brilliant white smile like mine.   Always making it right! Pictured: Aaron Lubell & Joan Paul (Schwarz). Felton, CA

My New Friend For Life!

Power Washing Santa Cruz Power Washing

Pressure Washing Santa Cruz, Aptos, Scotts Valley

Power Wash, Pressure Wash Santa Cruz Couny

Santa Cruz Pressure Washing Services

Santa Cruz Power Washing Services



Mid Town Santa Cruz

April 2009

cleaning santa cruz

At Your Service


We proudly serve Aptos, Aromas, Soquel, Capitola, Corralitos, Santa Cruz, Live Oak, Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley, and plenty of nooks and crannies in between.



You see this thing? Do you have one of these things, or something similar in your house? If you do, and it looks like the picture on the left, then you need to ask me how little it would cost for you to have me clean it in order for it to look like the picture on the right. Little things in life……

..if you promise to let it dry overnight

img_1293.JPG Boulder Creek, CA Jan. 9 2008

Pleasure Point, CA

img_1207.JPG img_1206.JPG Noviembre 07′ en la Punta.

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