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More than I can ever remember, I am seeing so many shingled and wood sided homes in Santa Cruz County that are in desperate need of basic maintenance. I’m not sure what homeowners are thinking as they let the asset go. Like I remember not very long ago that most of the shingled or partially shingled homes all along Opal Cliffs looked pretty darned good. Not anymore they don’t. I recently gave a deck bid in the Jewel Box and I was blown away by how poorly these homes look now. Monster cliffside homes that have shingles that are black and curling OR areas of wood siding that “de-modernize” your empty desire to keep a modern style home. The same can be said about the abundance of shingled homes in the greater Santa Cruz Harbor area, especially on the west side of the harbor near Aldos Bakery. It’s too bad because with a some professional TLC, restoration is totally possible. Santa Cruz, Aptos, Saratoga, San Lorenzo Valley, Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, Truckee.

This client got a brand new door and he wanted me to stain it. The old wood siding was stained a few years back after being neglected for who knows how long. We all found it to be a perfectly imperfect looking contrast. Happy New Year, 1/5/24, Boulder Creek, CA

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We spend about six weeks every summer in the Truckee area. This home gets a couple weeks worth of attention within every stint. There are some problem areas that pay to stay ahead of, and those can range. This house is beautiful. It’s also giant. There are about a half dozen spots on the second story where snow build up has really done a number on the bottom portions of this beautiful cedar siding. In addition, there is one pitch of the house that gets heaps of hot sun made hotter by the metal roof. The deck is Ipe and there are some trouble spots from water run-off. So there are about six boards that lose all their stain every year, and I don’t like it. Therefore, annual staining and maintenance is needed to stay well ahead of any outdoor board needing to be replaced. And we mean any..

Deck Staining & Maintenance.

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What a difference a day makes!!

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Maintenance on the west facing portion of the garage. Glenshire, CA.

Summer 2022. Driftwood Gray Project

This was a tough one. Aptos California June 2022. 3.5 gallons @ $65/gal. 25 labor hour @ $65/hr. It’s what custom wood maintenance looks like. If you’d like we can talk about this very project. It’s a common one.

These 20y/o shingles face west. So far as shingle maintenance goes, my recommendation for shingles that face west is to love them up every eight years or so. These went ten. Yes these shingles were dirty, blackened to a degree, quite a number of them were greenish, so yes they probably waited a bit too long. Nevertheless…

2:45pm March PDT

Cedar Tone Shingle Maintenance Santa Cruz

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Nice to see you again. It had been 12 years since I last loved up the north side of this Pleasure Point home. You can see the progress from the top down. This is a nice picture taken at 9:30am. Cedar Tone blend, Extreme Semi-Transparent by Defy. This side of the home get a slight amount of indirect morning sun, but nothing more than that, hence the 12 years in between maintenance coats.

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Individually Washed

Individually Stained

Fine for Wrigley, or when it takes over a brownstone in NYC. Bad Idea for shingled and wood sided homes. ‘Oh but it looks so pretty’.  Bad Idea!


IMG_3960This was and still is an old fence.  This fence now beads water motor oil.

Of course you do, but explain what you mean!?!  Which slice of natural do you want your brand new deck to look like?  Do you want it to look exactly like it did or does the day it was completed?  Do you want it to look like the guy or gal who built it says it should look?  Natural Blonde or Brunette?  Naturally Grey perhaps?  Do you want it to look natural today and tomorrow?  What about in six months, still natural?  What about six years?   
It’s Relative and It’s For Real

Custom Deck Maintenance in Santa Cruz

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South Facing Wall

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25 y/o Redwood Siding

Wood Siding Maintenance Project

West Side Santa Cruz

Phase One

This mammoth shingled home on Rebecca Lane in Boulder Creek is officially underway.  Thirty years of neglect.  This is the north facing front of this beautiful mountain hideaway.  As always, we decided on Extreme by Defy.  We will use a cedar tone as a 3/5 base, and add redwood, driftwood grey, and butternut to complete the mix.  

Even after all these years, I still get confused when the client says they want the shingles to look natural.  I’m never sure if that means naturally clean or naturally filthy.

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A mix n’ Match. Old Cedar Siding

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