C’mon People

More than I can ever remember, I am seeing so many shingled and wood sided homes in Santa Cruz County that are in desperate need of basic maintenance. I’m not sure what homeowners are thinking as they let the asset go. Like I remember not very long ago that most of the shingled or partially shingled homes all along Opal Cliffs looked pretty darned good. Not anymore they don’t. I recently gave a deck bid in the Jewel Box and I was blown away by how poorly these homes look now. Monster cliffside homes that have shingles that are black and curling OR areas of wood siding that “de-modernize” your empty desire to keep a modern style home. The same can be said about the abundance of shingled homes in the greater Santa Cruz Harbor area, especially on the west side of the harbor near Aldos Bakery. It’s too bad because with a some professional TLC, restoration is totally possible. Santa Cruz, Aptos, Saratoga, San Lorenzo Valley, Los Gatos, Scotts Valley, Truckee.