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Four Square


Soquel Hills Cleaning

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Valentines Day Wash

IMG_6823  IMG_6825

These shots tell the story.  Working our way through the sealing process.  This backyard patio in Scotts Valley was poured in 2002.  It may have been sealed at that point.  Fast forward a dozen years.  It was pretty dirty and in need of some maintenance.  After the wash, we double coated using Glaze n Seal ‘Wet Look 2000’.  The product is costly, but obviously the results can be extraordinary.

IMG_6804   IMG_6805

…it works for me.

Plaque Removal


Do you have a 30 year old broken-up driveway that you think needs to be jackhammered up and removed, only to be faced with another huge expense of replacing that driveway with a new one?  Don’t do it!

Here are a few pics of a driveway in The East Bay.  Eleven uniquely defined sections took four colors to accomplish the goal of  ‘no two colors touching’.  It wasn’t my idea.  Or was it?




This is another finesse type of job.  Another case of properly washing this tennis court with less PSI and more GPM.  Tennis courts take awhile to clean.  This one is situated around plenty of Eucalyptus and Pine trees.  We washed this court in 2006 and then again in 2010.  They may have waited a bit too long to have me back out.  To each his/her own.

Pressure Washing Tennis Court

Los, Gatos, California

You know when someone you know tells you that they ripped out thirty year old mustard colored carpet out of their home only to find well preserved hardwood floors.  Same is true outside.  This was an all-timer near Seabright Beach area!!


90% of all pressure washing service accounts are residential.  A handful of jobs each year are commercial accounts.  La Posada Senior Facility in Santa Cruz has been a client of ours since 2002.  We wash ALL the aggregate sidewalks around the entire property, including the swimming pool area and the front entrace.  When concrete gets mossy, it can be extremely slippery when wet.  Slippery concrete is not something you want around a senior facility.  We maintain these grounds 2x per year.  One nice old lady has begun calling me Mr. Neverstopper.  So cute!!


img_0590.JPG img_0596.JPG

Pretty straightforward before and after.  This 12 year old aggregate, like most older exposed aggregate takes some finesse to properly clean. In this case, it’s the high GPM coupled with medium/low PSI that polishes(demolishes) these rocks.  You’ve been warned!!

Chefs Patio

150 s/f concrete slab.  4 years old

Walnut Creek, CA

Lacquer Finish

IMG_0923Quite The New Spot..


With a little muscle, and a bit of love, we uncovered this “old skool” colored concrete and left it Shining.

Get it….Shining?

IMG_0970Swimming pools in Santa Cruz County are few and far between.  They’re definitely out there, yet not like Sacra Tomato, Chico, or the like.  I do run across my share of pools whereby I’m being asked to clean the surrounding aggregate, or tile, or composite, et al.   If you’d like us to tarp off the pool, we’d be happy to.  Usually it isn’t necessary.  A bit of debris will most certainly get in the pool yet you won’t even notice it.  We’re typically cleaning exposed aggregate around swimming pools @ 1500-1800 PSI, which makes things quite manageable.  The force of the water can be manipulated away from the pool itself.  It’s definitely more slow going than any typical concrete job, but getting it right is what is important.  To date, I’ve never fallen in ANY pool.

Feel free to email me some pictures of your pool area that needs cleaning.  Pictures help me a lot and allow me to give accurate bids over the phone.  Here’s a closer look at the concrete that surrounded this Santa Cruz pool.   Wish I had the after-shot on this one.IMG_0972

STOP!! Before you go wasting all your hard earned cash, you might consider restoring what you’ve already got. You’ll be amazed at the precious $$$$ you’d save. You’ll be equally amazed by the results. 

East Bay, Ca, 2010

Approx. 125 s/f  unused backyard patio.

Until Now…

IMG_0917 IMG_0927

These shots are great. Since it was a gutter clearing job, the property management company was more than a little hesitant at my suggestion to also clean this wonderful 1000 s/f driveway. 2x she told me that the driveway was clean and didn’t need it. I made er’ an offer she couldn’t refuse…


Side by Side in this backyard..

In Seabright..

Won’t you finish cleaning me..

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