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This one felt good. Los Gatos California. Storm drain @ bottom of steep enough driveway that is designed to catch water before going into the garage. Bring on the Atmospheric Rivers!

1.  This is what a filled gutter looks like!

2. This is what a “cleaned gutter” looks like after Joe Homeowner or Jane Competition gets done cleaning it.

3.  This is how we do it at Cleaning Santa Cruz.  Every time!

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Ben Lomond, CA

(especially in Ben Lomond, CA)

Very important to keep the runway free and clear of debris.

I just can’t say enough about this quality material..and I know just the guy that applies it better than anyone else around; Whether it’s wood siding or a wood deck such as these June 07′ projects, Biowash Natural Deck Oil never ceases to amaze!! Who’s next??

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One of the gutter problems that I encounter most often is where the gutter has sagged on the NON spout end .  It doesn’t take a lot of sag to make the gutter virtually useless. Think about it:  If your gutter is let’s say 20 feet long with only one spout.  The spout side of the gutter will give the gutter a bit more support in terms of stability..sorta like an extra crutch..  It makes sense that over the years the non spout end of the gutter will sag to a certain degree, especially if it sits packed with debris for months at a time.  Remember that it doesn’t take many degrees before water and debris begin pooling on the wrong end.  No es bueno porque nunca que agua fluye cuesta arribe.

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