Getting on the Program Early

I’ve made mention time and time again how each side of your shingle home or wood sided home will wear and age differently.  If you’re going to commit to a quality transparent, there is probably going to be a side or two of your home that you, or i, will want to maintain annually, or semi, or whatever.  It’s also possible that a side or two of your home can maybe go five to seven years on one good coat.  Just Depends!!  The more hot sun, the more sunscreen.  The more exposure to harsh conditions like storms off the ocean, the more protection.

These shingles in Santa Cruz, CA were stained when the home was built about seven years ago, but nothing since.  These pictures are shot on a rainy day.  I swatch washed two spots, and put Biowash Natural Deck Oil(nat tone) on the top square.  The bottom square has no stain.(just washed)  Anyway..15 gallons later, this home turned out real nice..