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..if you promise to let it dry overnight

Cleaning Santa Cruz dot com

pressure wash Aaron Lubell, deck maintenance Santa Cruz, Aaron Lubell, owner, since June 2001.  Aptos, Rio Del Mar, Corralitos, Freedom Blvd, Watsonville California, Santa Cruz County, San Lorenzo Valley.  Shingle Cleaning and Staining, Deck, Maintenance.

Secioalizing in Decks and Shingles.  Scheduled Maintenance Plans Encouraged

cleaningsantacruz at gmail dot com

img_1293.JPG Boulder Creek, CA Jan. 9 2008

Pleasure Point, CA

img_1207.JPG img_1206.JPG Noviembre 07′ en la Punta.

cleaning Santa Cruz Aaron Lubell deck maintenance shingle and siding staining Santa Cruz Aptos Soquel Santa Cruz country city of Santa Cruz, pressure washing power washing staining and sealing maintenance.  Felton San Lorenzo valley deck sealing, since 2001

capitola depot hill pleasure point live oak west side Santa Cruz.  Santa Cruz county Santa Cruz, Aptos, Watsonville, Monterey.  cleaning Santa Cruz, when you just can’t stand the filth.  pressure washing and deck maintenance


img_0554.JPG img_0551.JPG

This just adds a little color to this blog site.  Many Santa Cruz homes use this style deck flooring so I thought I’d make mention of it. It obviously cleans up very nicely.  Yearly cleaning will minimize costly maintenance coats.

img_0267.JPG img_0266.JPG img_0262.JPG img_0279.JPG This tank was I believe 20 feet high and maybe 12 feet in diameter.  As you can see it was riddled in a wet rust of sorts.  The idea behind this ugly, ugly job was to remove all the rust so that the entire inside could be re-epoxied and made to be new again.  Before any new epoxy could be applied, ALL the bb-sized holes needed to be filled after the cleaning.  You can see from the outside shots of the tank that rust was already making its way to the outside of the metal.  It was only natural that many “soft” spots in the metal were opened up with my 3500 PSI Turbo Nossle.  A perfect example of a surface that desperately needed to be properly cleaned before the application of a particular material.

Central Coast Magic


img_0613.JPGI love this action photo because it shows 4 GPM and 900 lbs. of water pressure fitting perfectly in between slimey 2×6 wood boards.  I was testing out a new tip(on my favorite bent wand) and my new camera all at once.  It was much tougher to pull off than walking and chewing gum..I’ll say that.  I was just having some fun on my own back deck….

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