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SC Deck Maintenance, Custom Deck Staining Santa Cruz

Emeline Road, Santa Cruz

Wash Me

Photos like this never get old.

It’s a constant reminder

of what lies below the silvery-grey.

IMG_4254This is 25 year old redwood

after a cold water pressure wash,

and a little time to dry.

IMG_4228    IMG_4229


Six y/o rails on this deck in Scotts Valley, CA. 

We applied Extreme by Defy, Redwood tone.

Santa Cruz Deck Maintenance summer 2017

Ipe Upkeep

Say that 5x fast..


IMG_4004    IMG_4013

This beautiful, 3yr old Ipe’ deck is nestled in the hills of Santa Cruz County off Hwy 17.  This photo was shot just after the deck was cleaned.  It had been previously stained when the deck was built.  Typically when a new deck is stained immediately after it has been built, the lasting factor stands to be pretty short.  That means the wood boards needs a little time to “open up” before being stained.  Especially on a hard wood deck like Ipe’.  After this particulardeck was washed, it virtually had no stain remaining on it from the previous application.


Way more times than not, the deck boards that I(we) monkey around on, and have been monkey(ing) around on every single year for the past 17 years, have all been built too close to one another. 

I don’t claim to know too much about building decks, but I do know a thing or three about how the deck boards should be spaced for optimal maintenance.  I’m going to leave it at that for now…

IMG_3410 IMG_3411


IMG_3323IMG_3327We see this a bunch.  A very functional deck that has been cared for in the past with a solid or a semi solid stain.  I forget this exact story, but from what I remember, this RED job was done 8-10 years ago.  Capitola, New Brighton Beach area deck.  Gets tons of sun.  That being said, I knew that just by washing the deck, an additional 85% of red would wash away, and it did.  In addition to that, all the bare wood you see in the pictures would become very clean and ready to go the transparent route.

Had we tried to convert this deck five years go, there may have been too much existing stain.  This company does NOT sand, stain, strip, and/or the like.  If a mistake was made in the past with a stain that was TOO dark or TOO solid, or TOO dark AND solid, the silver lining is that the wood is probably being very well protected.

Unfortunately I do not have any additional shots of this particular project.  It was all washed, and just the floor and top piece of rail were stained with a redwood tone transparent stain.  Water based of course.  The white pickets were also washed, and to save a $$$, the client decided to stain them herself.

Made Cents

img_5977img_5994More times than not we stain the deck and the rails in their entirety.  From time to time, when the vertical posts on railing are close enough together to prevent a small mouse from getting though, we suggest saving a buck and passing on rail staining. The decision was the difference between a $550 job and a $1100 one.

12 year old redwood deck.  Valencia Road.  Aptos, CA

Shadow Dancing

img_2573 img_2540

Shadows on transparent materials are magical.  It is the reason why it’s important to stay transparent(pun) and not make or be persuaded into a decision to do otherwise.  If you begin the deck journey with a solid stain, or even a low end semi-transparent, you’re going to be sorry.  *Just a note about picture on right.  The three boards on left side of picture are clean, but do not contain any stain.

These decks shown here in Ben Lomond CA were in serious need.  Because it had been ten years since the last bit of maintenance, thankfully a solid stain had been used the last time.  The color tone was a flaky pinkish-auburn, and it wasn’t pretty.  After the deck was prepared for stain, it was determined that the both decks would easily absorb a fresh coat of transparent material.  Transparent material demands a bit more attention and maintenance, and the client bought in after half the results were in.  This is a mid morning photo from mid July.  We used a high end water based product called Extreme.  You be the judge!

img_2238 img_2248

Since 2001.  Santa Cruz County Deck Maintenance serving all surrounding mountain towns including Felton, Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek, Bonny Doon.


img_8451Beautiful hard wood deck in Felton California
Deck Maintenance and Restoration Specialists

IMG_1766This is good pic for the tone-explanation end of things.  Lower right is clean, wet wood.  Upper right is clean, dry wood.  Upper left is  stained, dry wood.  Lower left is stained, wet wood.  You can’t dream this up!!

What about the retaining wall colors?  Wow!  Ask us How..

Here are some in progress pictures of a recent deck refinishing job in the Prospect Heights area of Santa Cruz.  I find it helpful to show different stages of the project, different times of day, drying times etc..  

Fifteen year old deck give or take.  We were told five years since the last bit of maintenance.  Dangerously slippery when wet.  Awfully mustardy in color we all agreed.  Deck gets medium to good amount of sun. 

IMG_1708 IMG_1722 IMG_1736 IMG_1738 IMG_1739 IMG_1756

Cleaning Santa Cruz for Wood Deck Maintenance

Santa Cruz Deck Maintenance and Shingle Staining & Sealing

South Bay Area, San Francisco, Los Gatos, Lake Tahoe

Shingle Maintenance, Deck Staining

Since 2001

These shots are taken of a Cumaru deck.  We washed and stained this particular deck in the summer of 2014.  The homeowner had us back out again in 2015 to do what we do.  These pictures show something that is very common with all wood decks.  Horizontal boards take more heat the Vertical ones do.  The flooring of this Cumaru deck easily took another coat of transparent stain, yet the boards that surrounded the raised patio wouldn’t take product whatsoever.


Cleaning Santa Cruz

IMG_8439  IMG_8441  IMG_8442

Twelve Year Old Hardwood deck in Boulder Creek California.  Boy I wish I had remembered to take some before shots.  The deck had been neglected for over 10 years.  The spaces between the boards were packed with debris.  It was a total mess.  A 20 gallon project and basically a brand new deck.


We waited two years to wash and stain this new deck.  Built in 2013, I was asked to look at it and submit a bid in July 2014.  The suggestion was to wait until Spring 2015 to wash and stain.  This home is close to UCSC with southern exposure to sun.  In the second picture, the staining process has begun with the rails.  Redwood Tone Transparent..

IMG_8405         IMG_8412

Deck Maintenance, Shingle Siding Maintenance, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Aptos

Nice morning shot taken during the staining process.  In this picture, the top piece of the rail has yet to be stained.  A triple coat on this board is pretty customary.

 Biowash Natural Deck Oil

Santa Cruz Deck Staining 2015

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