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The curing process…


img_2595So the third board up from the bottom here, the board above the electric outlets, has just received a “maintenance coat” in the form of a swatch.  The swatch is to determine tone for second homeowner that was not present at the time.  I sent this picture and he gave me the thumbs up to proceed.  This tone swatch is behind a hot tub on a very nice cedar privacy wall.  I assured the client that after this application, it would be five years before he could consider another round.  It’s called getting ahead of the Jones’s.

This was a complete home and garage makeover.  Because of the extreme temperatures that Lake Tahoe affords all the wood-sided homes in the area, we applied a genuine double coat of Extreme: A water based semi-transparent stain by the Defy Company.  To get the transparent green, we mixed three parts XYZ and then two parts TNT and then one final part ABC  We can’t give away our secrets.

img_2206Truckee California
A June 2016 project in Glenshire

This picture makes things out pretty orange.  It’s really not the case.  Well maybe it is a little bit.  The clients love it which is the only preference that matters.  But consider the fact that the sun is directly on the siding, and there is reflective light and glare from the railings and the windows.  Color-tone aside, it’s very well protected, and it really isn’t that orange.  This beach home is in Capitola, CA  That cedar siding is almost 20 years old.  Maintenance is Key!

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IMG_0664 IMG_0993

Seabright Area of Santa Cruz County, Summer 2015, New Wood, Beautiful Transparent Colors on this custom fence/privacy wall.  Call Today.

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Beach House LIve Oak.  Cedar Shingles.  Four Year Maintenance Plan.  East Facing Side.

The client called and referred to his newly found backyard area as Crip.  “Yeah I just had this new crip area built in the back of my house and was wondering if your company could come out and give us a bid for having the privacy wall stained?”

IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0221

These are kiln dried cedar boards.  We used a clear tone to maintain the natural color of the wood as best as possible.  It turned out pretty crip…

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The left side of the garage(your right) has finally been re-stained after going six complete seasons without any new application.  The right side of the garage(your left) is what it looked like prior.  The set of garage doors gets plenty of morning sun.  It is located within a mile from the beach near Capitola, CA.

This is a pretty neat shot.  This is mid-day in the summer time.  This is three parts Cedar Tone, one part Redwood Tone, and one part Natural Tone.  Biowash Natural Deck Oil of course.  From ground level, this is looking straight up on a pitched two-story home.  This stain is dry, but not cured.  I like this shot because it really showcases that every single shingle is a different color.  The light shingles will remain light, and the dark shingles will remain dark.

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The shingles on the left side of the picture have been washed and stained.  The shingles on the right have only been washed.    Great example of what the natural tone looks like once dry.  As is always the case, the material is Biowash Natural Deck Oil.  These shingles are fifteen years old.  North facing side of the house.

22 year old Cedar Shingles.  

Shingle Maintenance Santa Cruz County

Freedom, California, Spring 2014

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It’s fine at Wrigley, or when it takes over cement or brownstone buildings in NYC. Bad Idea for shingled and wood sided homes. ‘Oh but it looks so pretty’.  Bad Idea!



Wolfe Estates Custom Wood Home near West End of Donner Lake.

New Build.  Summer 2011.


August 2012                                                                    June 2013



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