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Another case of the solid stain blues.  In this case, it’s really just the top piece that needs the maintenance.  The question will forever be how to best accomplish this.  I can think of six off hand…


These are 20 year old wood shingles that have almost 100% UV and moisture protection by virtue of them being covered.  They were stained(not by us) when the house was built.  The bottom portion of the shingles do receive a little bit of late afternoon direct sunshine.

We washed the shingles with cold water and 800lbs pressure.  We used a Crystal Clear stain by Defy towards the top, and even in and around corner nooks.  We then blended in some Cedar/Light Walnut pigment as we got closer to the flooring and the more exposed shingles..

The goal being to bring the top and the bottom together to form a new and neutral tone.  We triple coated these shingles.  Surely they are good to go for a long, long time.

IMG_3508  IMG_3511  IMG_3547

IMG_3660IMG_3662Extreme by Defy.  Redw/Cedar tone mix.  Get your grain on..

img_2940Custom Fence Maintenance


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img_2843img_2856This was supposed to be just a concrete cleaning job in Midtown Santa Cruz.  We see these neglected fences and driveway dividers quite often.  At the very least we always recommend at least washing the fence down to slow down the infestation of mold.  If this sort of maintenance doesn’t appeal to you, at least it will appeal to your curb.


Greens, Blues, Reds, Browns.  Our latest project involved an eight year old fence, a telling swatch, a creative client, and fifteen dedicated years working with the most sophisticated water based transparent stains in the industry.

img_2749  img_2800  img_2810

Since 2001.  We specialize in the custom maintenance of outdoor wood.  Decks, Fences, Arbors, Shingle & Wood-Sided Homes..  We service the entire Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay, East Bay Area, and Glenshire Community in Truckee CA.  Tell us what’s on your mind.



The curing process…


img_2595So the third board up from the bottom here, the board above the electric outlets, has just received a “maintenance coat” in the form of a swatch.  The swatch is to determine tone for second homeowner that was not present at the time.  I sent this picture and he gave me the thumbs up to proceed.  This tone swatch is behind a hot tub on a very nice cedar privacy wall.  I assured the client that after this application, it would be five years before he could consider another round.  It’s called getting ahead of the Jones’s.

This was a complete home and garage makeover.  Because of the extreme temperatures that Lake Tahoe affords all the wood-sided homes in the area, we applied a genuine double coat of Extreme: A water based semi-transparent stain by the Defy Company.  To get the transparent green, we mixed three parts XYZ and then two parts TNT and then one final part ABC  We can’t give away our secrets.

img_2206Truckee California
A June 2016 project in Glenshire

This picture makes things out pretty orange.  It’s really not the case.  Well maybe it is a little bit.  The clients love it which is the only preference that matters.  But consider the fact that the sun is directly on the siding, and there is reflective light and glare from the railings and the windows.  Color-tone aside, it’s very well protected, and it really isn’t that orange.  This beach home is in Capitola, CA  That cedar siding is almost 20 years old.  Maintenance is Key!

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IMG_0664 IMG_0993

Seabright Area of Santa Cruz County, Summer 2015, New Wood, Beautiful Transparent Colors on this custom fence/privacy wall.  Call Today.

Serving both Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties.  Leave it to the Pros..


Beach House LIve Oak.  Cedar Shingles.  Four Year Maintenance Plan.  East Facing Side.

The client called and referred to his newly found backyard area as Crip.  “Yeah I just had this new crip area built in the backyard and was wondering if your company could come out and give us a bid for having the privacy wall stained?”

IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0221

These are kiln dried cedar boards.  We used a clear tone to maintain the “current” color of the wood.  It turned out pretty crip…

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The left side of the garage(your right) has finally been re-stained after going six complete seasons without any new application.  The right side of the garage(your left) is what it looked like prior.  The set of garage doors gets plenty of morning sun.  It is located within a mile from the beach near Capitola, CA.

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