A dry winter, a very busy spring, and the No-Eyed Dog Days of Summer began early this year. Wouldn’t be the same without Quinn.

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..Or in this deck’s case, morning rain and pollen, followed by afternoon sun. 14 year old South Facing Ipe deck that really battles the outdoor elements.

Truckee, Lake Tahoe, Los Gatos, Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties. Custom Wood Deck & Shingle Maintenance.

This is one of my favorite little decks in Santa Cruz County.  It resides in Aptos, CA up behind the New Leaf Foods.  We have been maintaining it since it was installed new in 2006.  My best guess is that it has been stained 6x in 15 years.  It gets direct HOT sun for about six hours per day.  I am told it beads water all year round.  Does your new deck do that?

Cleaning Santa Cruz is full service pressure washing company servicing Santa Cruz County and beyond.  In business since May 2001, give us a call or send us an email for ALL your deck maintenance needs.


I love working on this Ipe’ deck in the Seascape area of Aptos. It gets a ton of sun when there is sun. So every couple years it washes up very nicely leaving a very neutral canvas to play with tones. This is a fancy swatch with a secret tone using a very high end transparent water-borne stain. For a while there it was reds and cedars. This time around it was more browns etc. The finished look was beautiful as you can only imagine from this Gucci swatch.


It’s Never Too Late

IMG_3960This was and still is an old fence.  This fence now beads water motor oil.

love these bricks and obviously so much better clean

Santa Cruz Deck Maintenance

Hardwood Deck – Felton, Calif

Extreme Stain by Defy, Custom Redwood Blend 

IMG_6118   IMG_6148   IMG_6156

Because I charge way too much for it, it’s just a given that the homeowner will have the deck(s) entirely cleared of all “stuff” before I show up to begin work.  But if you can’t clear it all off and need some help…

Pasatiempo. Afternoon time. Redwood privacy wall. 8 months new and it probably could have gone another 6 months before having it stained. It was aged, just not aged enough for my taste, My suggestion moving forward was to wait 3-4 years before applying another coat.

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See through Green? Who makes that!! Nobody has it except this client in Truckee California. This blended transparent tone went directly over redwood siding

Santa Cruz deck maintenance, Aptos, Freedom, Watsonville, West Side Santa Cruz shingle maintenance. Shingles and siding. Staining redwood decks. Sealing decks. Scotts Valley, Summit area, Boulder Creek. Pressure washing concrete, bricks, houses, fences, patios.

Professional washing and staining outdoor wood decks. Yearly maintenance plans available. Deck staining and sealing serving all Santa Cruz Counties.

Lost and Found

 Deck Maintenance

Between the Boards


Heart Broken

So much time and effort spent at 355 Boulder Brook in Boulder Creek California over the past 15 years. A special place and a special client. The special client is going to be OK. The special place is burned to the ground and totally destroyed. Breaks my heart.

Basic rear deck in Santa Cruz California that is obviously clogged with debris, making water runoff impossible.  Many times boards that have been built too close to one another, after years and years, will fuse together, making the removable of debris a potential impossibility.  This wasn’t the case for this eight year old deck on 14th Avenue.  If you’re having a new deck built, make sure your builder knows how to properly space the boards for the long haul.

For this particular deck in Ben Lomond area I finished half of it and then came back like a week later to finish the second half. Long story. Nonetheless, I quickly rewashed the side that I hadn’t put stain on and because of that I was able to get a picture that might just be worth those thousand words.

The boards on the right side of the picture are the deck boards that just got washed again and are in the process of drying. These are new boards. Actually they are about 14 months new. Most people with new decks, when referencing a tone, say that they like how the deck looks when the boards are wet. And I understand what they mean by that. And what they really mean by that is that they like how clean, new, and wet boards look. And that’s because dirty, new, wet boards are too slick to appreciate the tone.

This is a blend of sorts. A little red, some cedar, some butternut tone. The mistake is usually to use too light of a tone. And it’s not that the darker the tone, the better. There is a way to make a tone appear dark when it needs to appear dark, yet appear light when it should seem light.

The boards on the left side of this picture are finished. Washed, Stained, dried, finished. It’s about as natural as one would ever want, yet this is NOT the result of using a quote unquote natural tone.

Deck Maintenance, staining and sealing, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Scotts Valley, San Lorenzo Valley, and beyond.

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Here’s a fairly new hardwood deck, three years old max. This picture shows a finished swatch up against boards that haven’t even been washed. The home is off Graham Hill Road between Santa Cruz and Roaring Camp. The picture was taken at 10:45am, without sun, in early May 2020 as the morning dew was finally burning off.

…and that ended that workday

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