These are 20 year old wood shingles that have almost 100% UV and moisture protection by virtue of them being covered.  They were stained(not by us) when the house was built.  The bottom portion of the shingles do receive a little bit of late afternoon direct sunshine.

We washed the shingles with cold water and 800lbs pressure.  We used a Crystal Clear stain by Defy towards the top, and even in and around corner nooks.  We then blended in some Cedar/Light Walnut pigment as we got closer to the flooring and the more exposed shingles..

The goal being to bring the top and the bottom together to form a new and neutral tone.  We triple coated these shingles.  Surely they are good to go for a long, long time.

IMG_3508  IMG_3511  IMG_3547

IMG_3660IMG_3662Extreme by Defy.  Redw/Cedar tone mix.  Get your grain on..


Santa Cruz, California
Deck Maintenance 2017
North Branciforte Road

Every so often the entire deck is stained and sealed.  If you have the disposable income, and you have a deck that you want to have last forever and ever, then it should seem reasonable that at least every other year it should be loved up.  At least the horizontal boards that comprise the deck.  The other parts, may I suggest every so often.


Wood Restoration Santa Cruz County

March 2017, Scotts Valley

IMG_3476 IMG_3481

Golf Course @ Pasatiempo, Spring 2017, 11am

Way more times than not, the deck boards that I(we) monkey around on, and have been monkey(ing) around on every single year for the past 17 years, have all been built too close to one another. 

I don’t claim to know too much about building decks, but I do know a thing or three about how the deck boards should be spaced for optimal maintenance.  I’m going to leave it at that for now…

IMG_3410 IMG_3411


IMG_3323IMG_3327We see this a bunch.  A very functional deck that has been cared for in the past with a solid or a semi solid stain.  I forget this exact story, but from what I remember, this RED job was done 8-10 years ago.  Capitola, New Brighton Beach area deck.  Gets tons of sun.  That being said, I knew that just by washing the deck, an additional 85% of red would wash away, and it did.  In addition to that, all the bare wood you see in the pictures would become very clean and ready to go the transparent route.

Had we tried to convert this deck five years go, there may have been too much existing stain.  This company does NOT sand, stain, strip, and/or the like.  If a mistake was made in the past with a stain that was TOO dark or TOO solid, or TOO dark AND solid, the silver lining is that the wood is probably being very well protected.

Unfortunately I do not have any additional shots of this particular project.  It was all washed, and just the floor and top piece of rail were stained with a redwood tone transparent stain.  Water based of course.  The white pickets were also washed, and to save a $$$, the client decided to stain them herself.

Four Square


Soquel Hills Cleaning

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Valentines Day Wash

Stormy Santa Cruz


No project too big or too small, except this one…

img_2940Custom Fence Maintenance

(831) 246 – twentyten

img_3041 img_3046

img_2843img_2856This was supposed to be just a concrete cleaning job in Midtown Santa Cruz.  We see these neglected fences and driveway dividers quite often.  At the very least we always recommend at least washing the fence down to slow down the infestation of mold.  If this sort of maintenance doesn’t appeal to you, at least it will appeal to your curb.


Greens, Blues, Reds, Browns.  Our latest project involved an eight year old fence, a telling swatch, a creative client, and fifteen dedicated years working with the most sophisticated water based transparent stains in the industry.

img_2749  img_2800  img_2810

Since 2001.  We specialize in the custom maintenance of outdoor wood.  Decks, Fences, Arbors, Shingle & Wood-Sided Homes..  We service the entire Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay, East Bay Area, and Glenshire Community in Truckee CA.  Tell us what’s on your mind.


Made Cents

img_5977img_5994More times than not we stain the deck and the rails in their entirety.  From time to time, when the vertical posts on railing are close enough together to prevent a small mouse from getting though, we suggest saving a buck and passing on rail staining. The decision was the difference between a $550 job and a $1100 one.

12 year old redwood deck.  Valencia Road.  Aptos, CA


Shadow Dancing

img_2573 img_2540

Shadows on transparent materials are magical.  It is the reason why it’s important to stay transparent(pun) and not make or be persuaded into a decision to do otherwise.  If you begin the deck journey with a solid stain, or even a low end semi-transparent, you’re going to be sorry.  *Just a note about picture on right.  The three boards on left side of picture are clean, but do not contain any stain.

The curing process…


A very common initial conversation that takes place between myself and the potential client is a conversation regarding terminology.  Terminology regarding “care” for outdoor wood.  That would be shingles, siding, arbors, fences, decks, and the like.  We typically differentiate between what it means to seal a deck vs. to stain a deck.  We talk about sanding a deck vs. preparing a deck.

If you have questions regarding outdoor wood maintenance in and around your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  One mistake is likely to cost you.  If you get persuaded into using a cheap sealant or perhaps a solid stain, when in fact you were after a natural transparent stain, it could be a mistake that lasts a long, long time.

15+ years experience doing business in Santa Cruz

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