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Love the spacing on this redwood deck in Santa Cruz County, Soquel Hills off Old San Jose Soquel Road. Proper spacing will always lend itself to proper cleaning. Proper deck cleaning will allow for super nice deck staining results.

As with any properly applied, high-end transparent or semi-transparent stain, the tone you see depends on where you are in relation to the direction of the board, AND where the sun is in relation to your direction. It is why the people, in general, will forever want their exterior wood maintained with the beauty of a “see through” material.

This deck was built by the owner in 2019 and they immediately stained the boards with an oil based product of some sort. The deck was pretty filthy yet the boards were in fine shape. Loads and loads of afternoon sun. Heavy sun is enough reason to have your decks restored and maintained at least every few years.

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Nice to see you again. It had been 12 years since I last loved up the north side of this Pleasure Point home. You can see the progress from the top down. This is a nice picture taken at 9:30am. Cedar Tone blend, Extreme Semi-Transparent by Defy. This side of the home get a slight amount of indirect morning sun, but nothing more than that, hence the 12 years in between maintenance coats.

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With exposed agg very important to finesse a bit with a moderate PSI.img_1395.JPG img_1406.JPGPressure Washing Santa Cruz, Deck Staining & Exterior Wood Maintenance

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Individually Washed

Individually Stained

2008 post:***This deck is located near East Cliff in Santa Cruz. The wood is probably about 15 years old and still looking great. The key is annual deck maintenance! We took over the maintenance in 2003 after years of neglect. These pictures also demonstrate how transparent stains allow the true grain of the wood to reveal itself.  This is Biowash Natural Deck Oil (redw tone) and I believe it is still a little bit wet.

Update 2021:  I promise this deck still looks like what is shown in pics, coming up on 30 y/o

   Not sure why I decided to put these two photos together in the same post.  Each photo represents a completely different section of this glorious deck, facing a different direction altogether.  And of course it’s a different time of day after a much stormier kind of night.  

One common bond is that both pictures represent a finished look after a fresh coat of high end water based transparent stain.  This deck is 10 months new.  Good times.

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As important as it is to maintain the surface of wood boards on a deck, it is equally as important to keep ALL debris clear of the spaces between the boards. Debris will continue packing in there until it begins to eat away at the wood. Proper air flow and water run-off is key! Pic of a deck off Summit Road.

Door Mats

Door mats will leave your wood boards looking like this. Is it a big deal? Well not to me it’s not, and it shouldn’t be to you. Everybody is told the same thing which is to put the door mat back over it.

Night and Day

Routine Semi-Extraordinary before and after.  This deck is about 10 years old I’d say, and it was headed south in a hurry.  Wish I had a picture of the deck after we stained it.  You’ll have to use your imagination..

Fine for Wrigley, or when it takes over a brownstone in NYC. Bad Idea for shingled and wood sided homes. ‘Oh but it looks so pretty’.  Bad Idea!



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Throw it back 10+ years.  A bit of dog sitting.  Early Summer 2010.  Zoey (18 months) & Bud (14 years).

Testing 123

Just having a bit of fun testing a few colors on this old wood deck on Palisades Ave. on Pleasure Point.  Love our work on outdoor wood decks.  Endless referrals furnished upon request.

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Hardwood Deck San Lorenzo Valley.

Every couple years we make it better than new. It’s more cost effective that way. Every deck will have different maintenance needs.

A dry winter, a very busy spring, and the No-Eyed Dog Days of Summer began early this year. Wouldn’t be the same without Quinn.

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..Or in this deck’s case, morning rain and pollen, followed by afternoon sun. 14 year old South Facing Ipe deck that really battles the outdoor elements.

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This is one of my favorite little decks in Santa Cruz County.  It resides in Aptos, CA up behind the New Leaf Foods.  We have been maintaining it since it was installed new in 2006.  My best guess is that it has been stained 6x in 15 years.  It gets direct HOT sun for about six hours per day.  I am told it beads water all year round.  Does your new deck do that?

Cleaning Santa Cruz is full service pressure washing company servicing Santa Cruz County and beyond.  In business since May 2001, give us a call or send us an email for ALL your deck maintenance needs.


I love working on this Ipe’ deck in the Seascape area of Aptos. It gets a ton of sun when there is sun. So every couple years it washes up very nicely leaving a very neutral canvas to play with tones. This is a fancy swatch with a secret tone using a very high end transparent water-borne stain. For a while there it was reds and cedars. This time around it was more browns etc. The finished look was beautiful as you can only imagine from this Gucci swatch.


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